Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Green Monk--Turnarounds

Here are some turnarounds for Green Monk. I'm working on the first 6 panels of the comic too, still kind of experimenting with how I want to finish them.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Green Monk--Here We Go!

Well I'm getting underway on the first ever Green Monk comic. I just finished the script the other day and have just a little bit of design work to do before I start doing the thumbnails.

I think the story will be cool. Short, exciting, kind of fairytailish, with a funky twist at the end. My wife doesn't like the ending, but we'll see how it flies with other folks.

Anyway, I can't just make a post full of words. Here's one of the characters I'm designing for the mini-comic.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Conquistadores 2

More concepts for the Intergallactic Conqueror. This one is tough, cause it could really be anything.

I started out with "Ming the Merciless" variations.

My brother said the stuff I was doing was looking too human and suggested I make it more alien or demonic. Soooo

Ahh, now we're getting somewhere. So, now I'm to the point where I think I have some viable options. The ming direction could work, but it really isn't that edgy, and I'd like to push it. The demon stuff is getting closer, but I'd still like to try some things that are more alien.

This last one has nothing to do with anything. Its just a picture of a girl with a mohawk. It may seem like she's cussing at authority, but she's actually enthusiastically encouraging the youth of America to eat their vitamins.

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sketchbooks for Sale!

Hey remember that one time I tried to give away a bunch of sketchbooks? Well now you can buy them for the unbelievable price of just 9.99. Its 37 pages of sweet sketches by 7 awesome artists.

Go to to get yours today!

I'll also try and put up a direct link to buy them on my sidebar, so keep your eyes peeled!