Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Conquistadores 2

More concepts for the Intergallactic Conqueror. This one is tough, cause it could really be anything.

I started out with "Ming the Merciless" variations.

My brother said the stuff I was doing was looking too human and suggested I make it more alien or demonic. Soooo

Ahh, now we're getting somewhere. So, now I'm to the point where I think I have some viable options. The ming direction could work, but it really isn't that edgy, and I'd like to push it. The demon stuff is getting closer, but I'd still like to try some things that are more alien.

This last one has nothing to do with anything. Its just a picture of a girl with a mohawk. It may seem like she's cussing at authority, but she's actually enthusiastically encouraging the youth of America to eat their vitamins.

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At 6:46 AM, Blogger Joseph said...


First guy: wicked. He could easily be a main villain, but if the position were taken, he might fit in as an evil adviser. He certainly has visions of power, and if he's not the leader now, he will be soon, or die trying.

Second guy: seems like a reattempt at the first guy. Unfortunately, the earrings and increased size (read: he's more "buff") actually demotes him to minion quality. Whereas the lack of eyeballs makes the first guy seem powerful and soulless, it makes this guy almost seem mindless.

Third guy: that's one snake I wouldn't want to meet. He definitely has leadership qualities. He has a sense of purpose. But that sense of purpose could easily be taking over the world, or just guarding the famed lost jewels of somesuch. If the minotaur put in his two week's notice, this guy would be a swell replacement.

Fourth guy: Something about him is very minion. He just has a look that yes, "yes, master! Right away, master!" This guy is used to getting dope-slapped. He might even have a spark of good in him. If Captain Blah Blah showed a note of kindness to him, he would mentally debate it through a good portion of the episode, and then turn on his master and either join the good guys, or enjoy a valiant death saving them.

Fifth guy: why does this guy scream minion to me? Perhaps a minion general. He's too strong to just put in the minion infantry, but none too bright either. He's the guy that the evil lord would leave in charge of guarding the jewels, and get distracted by "ooh, shiny!" or outsmarted by Captain Blah Blah's Love Interest (TM).

Sixth... what the... Tank Girl? Is that you? She could be on either side of the line. If she fought for good, she would definitely add personality to their team. She would be the ship's mechanic or something. If she was on the bad guy's side, she would have to be a lesser bad person, maybe somebody left behind to fight the good guys and slow them down. If she was the boss's Love Interest (TM), then she would turn on him at the end and join the good guys.

At 1:06 PM, Blogger Cameron said...

I vote for some more exploration into the last (fifth) guy -- Captain Von Angushorns.

He carries a lil bit of an homage to the ole DC/Marvel destructo overlord types, but with his own personality. That keys in perfectly with what we're trying to communicate about this guy -- what if Galactus were imprisoned in a 6-year old boy? I likey.

At 12:00 PM, Blogger Manfoom said...

I think this character need not be a leader, per se, but a powerful, otherworldy, intelligent and powerful being. I like the last guy as well. I should show you some of my doodles on this topic.

At 7:33 PM, Blogger Brandon said...


You ability for critique is only rivaled by your chicken gordon rouge. Some good stuff here--thanks.

I really need some good voice acting to sell you on some of the tough guys.

Cam and Manf--

I'm liking the last guy too. I feel like this character still deserves a ton of exploration.

At 9:21 PM, Blogger Joseph said...

Wow, people are still talking about the chicken cordon rouge? I must really have something there. But this isn't about my food, it's about your characters.

As I'm sure you know, the voice talent can make or break a character. For example, the English voice of Pazu on Castle in the Sky made me want to hit people. The sound quality may have been significantly poorer in the original Japanese, but at least the voice sounded the same age. The English voice sounded like a teenager at best.

I don't know how evil you're planning to get with your conqueror, but a role like that does tend be irredemably (sp?) evil. A lot of the truly evil characters we see have long faces, have you noticed that? Take, for example, Jafar from Aladdin. Very long face. And he was one wicked dude. Add a little Kieth Richards, and you have the villain from an old 80's animated feature called Rock & Rule. If you need to borrow a copy, let me know.

I think that really goes a long way in explaining why I liked the first guy best. He didn't have that long of a face, but he had a long neck, so it made his face look longer. There's also a little bit of age mixed in there. Consider Izma from Emperor's New Groove. Her face wasn't really long, but it was elastic, and sometimes it seemed to stretch in either direction, which made it seem long at times. The bags under her eyes were certainly long.

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