Wednesday, June 27, 2007


A couple of guys and ghouls I sketched out today. I was playing alot with my cleanup process here. All of these were drawn and cleaned up on regler old typing paper. I think the results are as good as I would have got with bristol board, although the wolf drawing did get a bit warped with the ink.

On the wolf, I sketched it out with a mechnical pencil. For cleanup I primarily used a brush marker. When I scanned it in, I adjusted the levels, so that you could still see some of the sketch lines from the mechanical pencil. I also had to fix the placement of the eyes a bit, and I played around with the black and white edges in photoshop. So, some of the strokes you see here are digital:

On the vampire chick, I used a .02 micron pen to sketch the whole thing, then I went back and added the thicker lines with faber castell fine point felt marker. I like the delicate lines, and shapes I could build with those lines. I referenced some of Clair Wendling's hair rendering for the hair. Not quite as smooth and pretty as she does, but I'm working at it.

This last dude was rendered in a similar fashion to the vampire girl, just using some different thicknesses on the felt pens. Its interesting, that as I was drawing these, I had the impulse to use different media for cleaning them up depending on the sketch. Much more explorative then carefully planned out.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

The Fight

Here's the aforementioned spread with color. It was fun to finally have a chance to do something with superheros. There are some issues here with the drawing and design, but overall I like it.

Click through to see the large size.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

First Look -- MVT episode 3

Here's a little bit of animation for the next Monster vs. Trakker spot. I didn't get to do as much animation as I would have liked on this spot, but I'm pretty happy with this. The facial structure is much more consistent than some of the stuff I've done in the past; the features aren't floating around on the face (as much). Plus, the follow through and details on this were fun.

I'll make a post next time about my process for animation.

The rough animation is all me, and the second clip features cleanup by Gibbs Rainock.

If its not playing smooth (like it only shows three or four frames) you might have to download them to see the full motion.

To download, click on the video screen after you've played it. It'll take you to the viddler page where you can click the "download" tab to the right of the video.

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Here's some more artwork I've done for the 8fish/Impact project. Several expressions from a generic superhero character, and a spread. These are all done with Faber Castell and Micron felt pens on bristol board.

I'm thinking the spread still has some issues with line quality, but that may be because its so small here.

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

A handful of sketches

Here's a couple of things I've done in the past week. The first three are part of a project I'm working on with 8fish and Impact Books. I'll have more on that as it reaches completion.

This last sketch is a bit of visual development for Green Monk.

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