Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Here's some more artwork I've done for the 8fish/Impact project. Several expressions from a generic superhero character, and a spread. These are all done with Faber Castell and Micron felt pens on bristol board.

I'm thinking the spread still has some issues with line quality, but that may be because its so small here.

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At 5:11 AM, Blogger Joseph said...

First expression: He's considering. What do I order? The bleek grob looks pretty good, especially with the blue grok salsa. But that fried braff tentacle platter is tempting too. Hey, I wonder what that guy is having?

Second expression: Maybe he shouldn't have had the chef add the blue grok salsa.

Third expression: He's officially in denial. It wasn't his fault! Why did he even go in there? The waiter coerced him into adding the blue grok salsa. It's the waiter's fault I had to spend the night at the Planet Gleeb hospital! They should fire that guy! If I ever get my hands on that waiter...

Fourth picture: Apparently, our hero has sent his lawyer after the waiter. I'm not sure what her eyes are saying. They're either angry or crazed, or perhaps both. But the rest of her is saying, "look man, I just wanna talk."

Okay, so maybe she's not saying that. She is certainly intending to do some damage, however. She seems to be floating, but she also seems to be walking. Does she walk on thin air? Or does she just kind of flail her legs when she's floating?


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